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Once you are logged in to the admin area, you need to go to the Configuration area. Point to the top menu item "System" and then click on "Configuration" at the bottom of the menu's drop-down.


System > Configuration


Once in the Configuration area, select "Main Website" from the "Default Configuration Scope" in the upper-left corner.


Default Configuration Scope > Main Website


When the page has reloaded, click on "Delivery Methods" in the "Sales" section of links on the left-hand side.


Sales > Delivery Methods


Click on the the delivery method that you need to edit which is "Table rates" - and then you will see an orange button with the label "Export CSV


Table Rates > Export CSV


Save the file called “tablerates.csv” to your local hard disk and then open it for editing in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.




You need to add the relevant information for the countries that you intend to ship to. The country is specified according to the three-letter ISO country codes ( If delivery rates will vary according to County/States and Postcode/Zip, these sub-divisions can also be entered. The “Weight (and above)” and “Delivery Price” columns contain the table rates that will be applied. The unit of measurement in the weight column will be the same unit of measurement that is used elsewhere throughout the website. Often, this is kilograms. See the example below:





Weight (and above)

Delivery Price

















Having added the weight and price values, save this file as a Comma Separated Values file (CSV). Then, upload the file back to the admin area of Magento by clicking on the “Browse” button, selecting the newly updated file and clicking on the “Save Config” button.


Browse > Save Config


Now ensure that the countries you wish to deliver to are allowed or specified in the drop-down below.


Ship to applicable countries” or “Ship to Specific countries


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